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Spring 2017 Study Links:

Here is a great blog post about ways to practice:

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Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal

E'en so Lord Jesus, Quickly Come:

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Things That Never Die:

The Mind is a Garden:

Latin pronunciation guide:  (according to Roman usage):
             written  IPA                   pronounced      transliterated
Vowels:  A         (a)                     father              ah
              E         (e)                     beige                ?  long a with no diphthong
              I           (i)                      tree                 ee
              O   (backward C)            awe                 aw
              U         (u)                     tooth              oo
              Y         (i)                       tree               ee
Generally, when two vowels come together, each retains its own distinct sound and is treated as a separate syllable.
AE or OE should be pronounced as E above.

The following consonants pronounced as they are in English:   B D F K L M N P Q V

C is hard like the K in kick except before E, AE, OE, I or Y when it is "ch" as in church.
CC is pronounced "tch" before the above vowels, and like K before any other letter.
SC is pronounced "sh" before those same vowels.  
CH is always pronounced like K.
G is hard like the "g" in God except before E, AE, OE or I when it is soft like in gem.
GN is like the n with a tilde in Spanish (senor) - most like ny.
H is silent except in mihi where it is pronounced as k.
J is pronouced like the y in you.
PH is pronounced like F.
R should be flipped with the tongue
S should be a sibilant Z
SCH is like sk (as in school)
T is hard like the t in tea.
TI before a vowel and following any letter except S, X or T is pronounced tsee.
TH is always hard as in tea.
X is pronounced as ks as in tacks.
XC is pronounced ksk before O, A or U, but becomes ksh before E, AE, OE, I and Y
Z is pronounced like dz as in suds.