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The Cantate Singers

"Sing unto the Lord"
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About Us:
The Cantate Singers was founded in 1992 under the leadership of Freeman Lehman and has performed throughout northeast Ohio. Freeman directed the group until 2005, and was succeeded by William Mateer, who directed through our 2012 Spring Season.  Laurel M. Labbe will be directing the Cantate Singers again this spring, in her 6th year with the ensemble.  Mrs. Labbe taught high school choir in Orrville, OH for 15 years, and is currently teaching middle school and high school choir in Woodridge Local Schools in Peninsula, OH.  She has also served as the director of the Orrville Community Chorus, Inc. for the past 19 years. 
The Cantate Singers performs a wide variety of music in many different styles.   The group often performs challenging repertoire, both a cappella and with instruments, including full orchestra.  The choir is active in the spring and fall, typically giving performances in April and again in November.
The Cantate Singers is an ecumenical organization that strives to afford local musicians opportunities to perform music of the highest quality and to enrich the cultural life of our community in ways that acknowledge the Creator and Sustainer of life. The Cantate Singers is a 501(c)(3) organization and welcomes contributions to support its work.  If you would like to support this organization, please make checks payable to:  Cantate Singers and send c/o Phyllis Kornhaus, treasurer to 8964 Rohrer Rd., Orrville, OH 44667

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Phyllis Lehman
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Ken Suchan
The Cantate Singers welcomes new members who enjoy choral singing and who wish to commit themselves to regular attendance at rehearsals and to learning challenging repertoire.  The group currently rehearses on Tuesday evenings in the fall and spring.  Interested persons should contact Laurel Labbe, Director at 330-697-5416 or at LLABBE@ROADRUNNER.COM.